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Take Care Massage & Wellness

Where our goal is to promote self-care by providing our clients with an experience that allows for total body healing and wellness. We believe in the body's ability to heal itself naturally, and trust that massage therapy can help facilitate the process. We take pride in helping our clients feel better- physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Take Care Massage & Wellness works to remind everyone that "It's okay to Take Care of you, too!" When you take care of you first, everything else follows.

Meet Your Therapist

My passion for massage therapy began in 2016 when I received my first massage. I thought to myself "This is it!". After that session, I knew massage therapy was what I wanted to do. When I left that day I was so excited, not only because I'd booked my next appointment (lol) but because I knew I'd finally found "my thing". Later that day I made a call to the Massage school in my area and well... here we are!

The human body is truly amazing  and  I appreciate that through my knowledge as an LMT, I have the ability to not only listen to what's going on in the body, but help pave the way for it to do what it does naturally, and that's heal itself. 

With everything we put our bodies through only the daily basis, a little "me-time" every now and again is completely necessary. I'm just glad that I can help see you through your own unique process. It's such a joy to witness!

Martenique D. McCleod, LMT

"Take Care of your body and it will Take Care of you!"